Satin Broadband

Having been in the African VSAT market for over 10 years, the Satin Broadband service has been designed and modeled on a different business principle which has been game-changing for our clients running the Satin Broadband service – no more doubt, no more speed queries, no more arguments ………. It just works.



Due to numerous reasons like:

 differing business principals / drivers / models

differing levels of provider capability

differing desire to understand clients needs

differing technical knowledge

The reported performance of one system vs the other ranged widely in the VSAT Internet market.


BUT one factor stood out, often:

The expectancies were too high.

System was incapable of sustained performance.

Excuses are made when performance did not match their promises.

  Systems did deliver but the client was not in control of their usage etc.

Quote from one client “Never experienced such a fast, reliable dependable service in 9 years of mining in Africa”!

Further to the above, costs were inhibitive in order to get the performance required due to the in-efficiencies mentioned above. So, the Directors of Satin Networks, together with SES created the

Satin Broadband Ku band

service where we believe we have:



  attended to the issues mentioned above

  attended to the cost vs performance paradigm

  delivered an extremely clear Voice solution within the design



We believe we have created a VSAT Internet service with the required understanding of user needs that surpasses the generally offered services in Africa.... and deployments of this service have proven to be so.

Currently, the service is being run by single entities with one or two users and one phone right the way up to full mining establishments with Wi-Fi connection over the whole mine and Satin Voice Solutions supporting over 70 extensions.

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