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Reliably Fast and Stable - Supporting Internet and Voice for clients from single users to fully functioning Mines for costs belying the performance.

All About Satin Networks

About the Company

“Satin Broadband has to be the best performing, most reliable service I have come across in 12 years of VSAT dependency”

– Client (Satin Broadband)


Our Vision

As a Company, is to own and make available to Selected service providers, the Best Performing, most cost effective Satellite Service in Africa.


Our Mission

We strive to own and distribute the Satellite Service of choice for all who want the Best, most Reliable and Stable Satellite Internet Service that can be depended upon by anyone from small individuals to large companies throughout Africa delivered at the most cost effective price.




Satellite - Satin NetworksSatin Networks Owns the Satin Broadband Satellite Internet and Data Service.

The design of this service is a result of 12 years of Satellite Internet service delivery into Africa. We now believe we have designed a network with associated services that addresses all the unwanted issues characterized by "contended" satellite systems at costs and performances that need to be experienced to be believed.


We truly believe, with our added services, we have a system that is practically unmatched in the market currently. This applies not only to speed but also the economics i.e. costs! The stability and sustained speed of service at ALL TIMES OF THE DAY is characteristic of Satin Broadband..... the price to be believed.


Through various selected re-sellers, following a single model with Satin Broadband as the link, our re-sellers are delivering Satellite Internet services with extended LAN integration to companies and individuals for fractions of the costs that have previously been experienced before in Africa. Coupled to this, our clients have expressed disbelief at the sustained performance of the service at all times of the day. Proving our previous experience in providing Satellite Internet services in Africa having paid off in the design of Satin Broadband!


Satin Broadband now supports everything from single one user sites, accessing Internet, VoIP and E-mail right the way up to large companies. For example,  a mine running two load balanced "coupled" Satin Broadband dishes supporting full WiFi mine coverage, remote access to ERP systems and VoIP PABX (100 extensions), delivering performances that can only be compared to dedicated bandwidth but at a fraction of the cost.

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